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President’s Message

President’s Message

Set up by Tsinghua University, Beijing Zhuoer Education Investment Co., Ltd. is the fruit of educational reformation and development, and also an important initiative taken by Tsinghua University in its process of building a world-class University with the ambition of cultivating talents, promoting scientific research and serving society. Echoing with the flourishing university-run technological corporations, it ushers in Tsinghua’s brand-new and nation-leading prospect which highlights both training and technological industries, and embraces both talent cultivation and technological development. Through many years’ unremitting practice and exploration, Zhuoer has reaped a bumper harvest, and won outstanding social reputation and popularity.

Keeping faith with the university motto of Tsinghua-Self-discipline and Social Commitment, Zhuoer believes in “Actions speak louder than words”, bears in mind the essence of education, gives full play to the spirit of all-embracing, and values the diversification of culture and the depth of thinking. Endeavoring with stamina and diligence, its vision is to build a characteristic brand among university enterprises.

The name of Zhuoer derives from \"Fu Wei Da Ya, Zhuo Er Bu Qun\", which is a Chinese sentence of ancient style and eulogizes virtues and excellence. Undertaking the mission of serving society, Zhuoer looks forward to cooperating closely with our partners with breadth of vision both at home and abroad, sharing the high-quality educational resources all over the world, building a broad platform for win-win cooperation, boosting the mutual promotion and comprehensive development of industries, education and research, and forming favorable interactions between the society-serving mission and the industrialization development of the university, so as to make our due contribution to the forming of a learning-oriented society.

Vice President, MOOC-CN Education
President, ZHUOER Education

About Us

Beijing Zhuoer Education Investment Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2003 by Tsinghua University. Enjoying Tsinghua’s great talent resources, powerful scientific research strength, profound cultural accumulation, good international reputation and a wide range of partnerships, Zhuoer is greatly experienced in the field of high-end and international education, and is absolutely advantaged in talents and resources. Its business segments include Zhuoer Business Education, Zhuoer Overseas Study, Zhuoer Consulting, Zhuoer Investment and Zhuoer Services, etc. It established a unique business model for university enterprises which integrates talent cultivation, educational services, managerial consulting and capital connections while providing strategic support to the university’s development.

From 2008 to 2017, as an important component of the structural reform of the School of Continuing Education (SCE) of Tsinghua, Zhuoer began to carry out the jobs of SCE’s Department of International Education. The programs it ran were mainly related to international cooperation. The THU-ANU Master of Management (MOM) program, Global Academic Pathway (GAP) program, International Study-tours, Training of Overseas Chinese, International Forums, Training on International Project Management, and Internal Training of Big Enterprises were all within its scope of business. In those ten years, Zhuoer provided multi-tier and high-quality training services in the fields like managerial education and international cooperation for hundreds of enterprises and institutions. Till now, it has helped to train tens of thousands of management personnel, and has sent thousands of Chinese young students to the top universities all over the world.

In 2018, under the unified deployment of Tsinghua University, Zhuoer further heightened its nature of being a company, with the aim of better meeting the society’s needs of talent cultivation, and making market mechanism the determining factor of company operation. As a subsidiary enterprise of the university, Zhuoer deepened the connotation and widened the sphere of its business. Emphasizing its characteristic of globalization, Zhuoer is always trying to link worldwide educational resources, maintain its alumni network, promote the integration of industrial and capital resources, and build a platform for the whole industrial chain of education.

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