Through integrating global academic resources, we work on continuously elevating the academic level of internationalized business education programs and performing professional operation and services. With an all-embracing spirit and a long-term sight, we brought in the classic merits of western education, which values intellectual enquiry, reasonable analysis and empirical research, endeavoring to help our country to cultivate a good number of elites in business field who know well about international conventions and rules, own a globalized vision and strategic thinking, and possess the ability of communicating, coordinating, cooperating and solving problems creatively in inter-cultural circumstances.

At the same time, we are geared to the needs of entrepreneurs and governors with rich managerial experience and knowledge, inspiring them to retrospect why they started and help them to optimize their professional practice. During this process, they conduct innovative and original research on managerial practice, and ponder over the problems related to the management and reform of modern enterprises with great intellectual depth, thus attaining the achievement of being an “Executive Scholar”.

Executive Degree Programs

Executive DBA Program-Université Paris Dauphine-PSL (France)

ZHUOER Education has been running the Executive DBA program cooperatively with the world-renowned Université Paris Dauphine - PSL since 2012 with the vision of making it the best DBA program in China. In 2017, Beijing National Accounting Institute (the institutional organization subsidiary to Chinese Ministry of Finance) joined in and provided a more capacious platform for this program, giving renewed impetus to its rapid development.

In the context of globalization, the Executive DBA program of Dauphine-PSL strives to combine both the Chinese and western wisdom and cultivate the entrepreneurs and financiers of a new generation. Cherishing the dream of developing “Chinese Thinking in Management” and foster more “Executive Scholars”, we work on increasing the number of creators and disseminators of business philosophies and management concepts. Together, we explore China’s new development models against the background of economic and financial globalization, and look for new ways of promoting the synergetic development of industries and finance.

Through several years’ progress, our Executive DBA program of Dauphine-PSL has become one of the maturest and most successful DBA programs in China and even the Asian-Pacific region. Without any doubt, it is a symphony of Sino-France cooperation, and also a notable achievement of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France.

Master of Management Program - Australian National University (Australia)

Approved by the Ministry of Education of China, Tsinghua University and the Australian National University have jointly organized a Master of Management (technology and innovation track) program, committed to cultivating high-end management talents with global vision, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability. After graduation from this program, the students can obtain the Master of Management degree issued by the Australian National University. As the first Sino-foreign cooperative education program with Technology and Innovation Track in China, the MoM program has trained more than 1,500 high-level talents urgently needed for economic and social development in the past 17 years. .

Online MBA - Open University (UK)

With the development of digital technologies such as AI and 5G, the society is in the process of industrial transformation and upgrading in the future. To seize opportunities to meet challenges in the VUCA era, enterprises must rely on a large number of high-end management talents with cross-industry innovative spirit and international vision.

XuetangX(subsidiary of Tsinghua University) and The Open University (OU) jointly launched an internationally certified online MBA degree program for Chinese professional managers. After two years of part-time online learning and offline moving class, students can obtain the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree issued by OU.

The Online MBA program is to help Chinese managers enhance global leadership, cross-industry innovation and comprehensive management capabilities, and become more innovative managers who adapt to the new technological revolution in the future.

Professional Degree Programs

ITACS Master Program-Temple University (US)

With the booming digital economy of modern times, not only is the IT industry developing prosperously, but also the information technology has penetrated into every aspect of business field and people’s daily life. Concepts like Mobile Internet, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Cloud Computing are redefining the world society’s future. It is safe to say that information technology has strategic significance for no matter IT companies or the ones of other industries. The time calls for a batch of professionals that on the one hand know well about the software, hardware, development, operation, maintenance, management and security related to information systems, and on the other hand can carry out auditing, inspection, evaluation and reformation on the security, stability and effectiveness of information systems with standardized and advanced auditing skills.

In view of this, Beijing National Accounting Institute (BNAI) and the Fox Business School of Temple University of America cooperatively launched the MS program in IT Auditing and Cyber Security in China, with operational services by ZHUOER Education. Combining the advantages of both the two institutes and providing graduate courses of international standard, the program aims at fostering the interdisciplinary talents who have a good command of both the information technologies and financial auditing capacities. Being the first master program in this field approved by Chinese Ministry of Education, it adopts the high-quality textbooks, cases and teaching methodologies which have undergone a world-range selection. Experienced experts and professors with profound academic attainments from BNAI and Temple University are invited to deliver lectures, and Zhuoer is responsible for providing marketing support for this program.

MScAF Master Program - City University of Hong Kong (China HK)

Approved by Ministry of Education of China, the Beijing National Accounting Institute and the City University of Hong Kong jointly offerred the Master of Science in Accounting and Finance with AI and Fintech Applications (MScAF) program with operational services by ZHUOER Education, which is interdisciplinary integration of cutting-edge disciplines such as accounting, finance and artificial intelligence. Gathering international top academic resources, this program is committed to cultivating professional and management-oriented , Application-oriented and compound-oriented high-level international talents, who are future CFOs in the digital economy era.

Executive Education

Global Seminar

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, more and more Chinese entrepreneurs choose to visit America and some developed countries in Europe and Asia to learn about the world-leading technologies and managerial experience. The business tours and famous-institute visiting in which they participated have helped to introduce in many advanced ideas and have become a new way of infusing fresh blood into various trades and professions of China.

Integrating world-wide resources and cooperating with the governments, renowned companies and universities of many countries, our program of “Global Seminar” tries to build a capacious platform for realizing overseas benchmarking tours, first-class university visiting and international business connections. Our tour-group members will acquire the ability of viewing things on a global scale, going beyond geographical and cultural limitations. They will be capable of thinking about the development of their enterprises and the whole industry in a deeper way, and investigating the ways of making innovations in many aspects. This will bring new opportunities to China, and to the whole world as well.

Visiting Benchmark Companies to Find Out the Recipes of Success-The program “Global Seminar” is cooperating with many world-leading enterprises in a multi-tier way to realize the sharing of information and resources. We organize tours to overseas benchmark companies, and also conduct internal training and management consulting there, in order to offer Chinese entrepreneurs and directors with the opportunity of closely interacting with world-famous enterprises, and help them to find out how those companies got successful.

Customized Courses

Our customized courses on management are a set of intensive courses which are in line with the characteristics of modern organizations and are designed to meet the organizations’ specific demands. Through these courses, the organization members of different levels will be able to optimize their knowledge, update their minds and improve their abilities, which is beneficial for the all-round development of the whole team. Through detailed communication, we try to find out our clients’ prior concerns and the challenges they are facing. After that, we accomplish the design of courses together with our clients.

In the context of economic globalization, our customized courses have always been leading the trend of high-end management training. Over the past decade or so, we have designed and developed a series of courses on internationalized management which are innovative, unique, practical and advanced. Till now, we have provided intellectual support for more than ten thousand middle and high level administrative staff both at home and abroad. The precisely targeted courses have played a positive role in helping management personnel to update managerial ideas, broaden their horizon and improve their leadership, thus laying a solid foundation for their future success. Here are the topics that our customized courses may involve:

▪ Organizational Reformation
▪ Transnational Operation
▪ Industry Management
▪ Art of Leadership
▪ Innovation
▪ One Belt, One Road
▪ Operation Management
▪ Financial Management
▪ Strategies
▪ Inter-cultural Management
▪ Marketing
▪ Human Resources