The Alumni Association Held the Initiation Ceremony of the Public Welfare Project-“Lighting Up the Road of Growth”

Time:2017-11-30 Author:

On Nov. 29, the initiation ceremony of the Public Welfare Project“Lighting Up the Road of Growth” was held by the THU-ANU MOM Alumni Association. The co-founders of this public welfare project are two alumni from Intake 5, ZHAO Tong and LIU Guoqiang. Jointly led by the Alumni Association and the two co-founders, the project will devote great effort to the prevention of children kidnapping, raping and abusing, and disaster alleviation and prevention. Professor LU Zhiqiang, Deputy President of THU-ANU MOM Alumni Association attended the ceremony.



The members of THU-ANU MOM Alumni Association have always been advocating mutual aid and love, and actively devoting themselves to various charity activities. This cooperative move will work on improving students’ awareness of preventing common accidents and injuries and elevating the society’s overall competence of preventing and handling emergencies related to children, so as to build a safer environment for their growth.


The two alumni from Intake 5, ZHAO Tong and LIU Guoqiang, introduced the mission and operation plan of the project to the audience. Early in 2013, Mr. LIU had registered the “Peace Star Disaster Alleviation and Prevention Education Center” at the Civil Administration Department of Beijing. Now, he wishes to pass the care and love to more corners around the country.


During the ceremony, Professor LU Zhiqiang commented favorably on this public welfare project and the alumni’s philanthropy spirit. Then he introduced other charity activities taken by MOM alumni, such as their donations to the pupils in Qinghai, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia. He said that all the alumni are living up to the university motto of TsinghuaSelf Discipline and Social Commitment, and that this kind of projects can get the energy of many parties to cohere, inspiring more social effort to contribute to the prevention and alleviation of tragedies related to children and youngsters.


As the first public welfare project to promote Disaster Alleviation and Prevention Education in Chinese schools, “Lighting Up the Road of Growth” has held safety education activities at more than 170 campuses, and recently, ZHAO Tong’s enterprise further promised to customize a shipment of red wine for the alumni association to raise money for this charity. All the money collected through this project will be audited by the Civil Administration Department and made known to all alumni, before being used to carry out safety education and purchasing disaster reduction supplies for Chinese schools. Based on pro-phase investigation and preparation, the project will mainly focus on the schools of county level in China, organizing training courses on the prevention of children kidnapping, raping and abusing, doing emergency evacuation drills, equipping evacuation signs and emergency tool cases in those schools, and purchasing accident insurance for as many students as possible.