Global Class

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With the rapid development of Chinese economy, more and more Chinese entrepreneurs choose to visit America and some developed countries in Europe and Asia to learn about the world-leading technologies and managerial experience. The business tours and famous-institute visiting in which they participated have helped to introduce in many advanced ideas and have become a new way of infusing fresh blood into various trades and professions of China.


Integrating world-wide resources and cooperating with the governments, renowned companies and universities of many countries, our program of “Global Seminar” tries to build a capacious platform for realizing overseas benchmarking tours, first-class university visiting and international business connections. Our tour-group members will acquire the ability of viewing things on a global scale, going beyond geographical and cultural limitations. They will be capable of thinking about the development of their enterprises and the whole industry in a deeper way, and investigating the ways of making innovations in many aspects. This will bring new opportunities to China, and to the whole world as well.


Visiting Benchmark Companies to Find Out the Recipes of Success


The program “Global Seminar” is cooperating with many world-leading enterprises in a multi-tier way to realize the sharing of information and resources. We organize tours to overseas benchmark companies, and also conduct internal training and management consulting there, in order to offer Chinese entrepreneurs and directors with the opportunity of closely interacting with world-famous enterprises, and help them to find out how those companies got successful.


Stepping into Prestigious Universities to Co-compose the Anthem of Wisdom


Through our program, entrepreneurs will also get the opportunity to visit famous foreign universities and explore the most advanced knowledge on management by learning theoretical courses, exchanging ideas with professors face to face, and participating in academic conferences. We will enable Chinese enterprising men to know more about the opportunities and challenges in the context of globalization, to get their companies’ strategies of internationalization into shape, to acquire better foresight and global vision, and to strengthen their art of leadership. In this way, we help them to elevate their managerial experience and abilities, and facilitate their unceasing exploration for breakthroughs.


Global Class